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Three Phase Servo Stabilizer

It is well known that line voltage which is too high or too low (sometimes even by a few volts) can decrease the efficiency or shorten the life or damage or introduce error in many Electronic or Computer Products. To solve this chronic problem facedby mostusers, are liable and stable powers our ce with isolation from the mains in put is required. This has been the main consideration while introducing MICROLINE SERVO VOTAGE STABILIZER.


  • 1 Ph: 1KVA to 20KVA
  • 3Ph: 10KVA to 500KVA

Salient Features

  • Fully Solid State Control Circuitry
  • High Efficiency better than 95%
  • No Wave from distortion
  • No effect of load power factor
  • High Speed of Correction Up to 35 V/ Sec
  • Short Circuit and Overload protection
  • Visual alarm for High / Low Voltage
  • Auto / Manual Voltage Correction
  • Oil cooled in higher rating


  • Automatic High/Low Cutoff
  • Audio Alarm at High/Low Input
  • Digital Voltmeter,  Ammeter, Frequency Meter
  • Extended Input Voltage Range
  • Surge, Spike & Noise Suppressor
  • Single Phasing Preventer


All electrical & electronic Equipment, Computer & Call Center, CNC Machines, Scientific Labs, Hospitals, Process Industries, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Unit, Research & Communication Equipment.


Three Phase
Input Voltage (i) 360V to 480V AC
(ii) 320V to 480V AC
Output Voltage 415V +/- 1%
Capacity 1 KVA to 1500 KVA
Type (i) Balanced Type
(ii) Unbalanced Type
Frequency 47Hz – 51Hz
Line Regulation +/- 1%
Load Regulation +/- 1%
Correction Rate 35V / Sec or better
Output Waveform Same as Input
Power Factor 0 to 1 Leading or Lagging
Other Input Voltage Range:
Three Phase 360V to 460V; 300V to 480V;
320V to 500V